Stacked Walnut

52" x 22" $1575

The "Stacked Walnut" piece was influenced by dry stacked stone walls that I have done in the past. As in the majority of my wall art pieces the wood is all reclaimed. At the time I started to put it together my goal was to mimic a cut stone wall in wood with all the natural variation. I chose walnut due to the amazing difference in coloration and graining that are characteristic to American walnut. The pieces all started as end chunks of wood and I cut all of them individually in an attempt to reveal the most interesting face or end grain patterns. There are no two pieces exactly alike and to the best of my abilities no recurrence of structural pattern. The finished piece is designed so that just as your eye focuses on one point it leads you to another. The coloration of the piece and the shadow lines change very nicely as lighting changes through out a day giving it an evolving visual appeal.

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